How to Order a T-shirt Blanket

​​​​​How much does it Cost

T-shirt blankets are $10 per t-shirt square.  This charge includes all materials.
For just $14 per square, double batting transforms your blanket into a warm and cozy comforter.
Domestic shipping and handling is $20 for each blanket.
Pricing Examples:
12 T-shirt squares x $10 = $120 + $20 shipping = $140  Total Price
 20 T-shirt squares x $10 = $200 + $20 shipping = $220  Total Price
 20 T-shirt squares x $14 = $280 + $20 shipping = $300   Total Price

Dance Costume blankets are $14 per costume square and $16 per square for double batting.  Please use the dance blanket order form below.  All other processes are the same.

Print your order form

Print your order form and provide the following information:

  • Customer information

  • Number of T-shirts and number of T-shirt squares

  • Sashing and Backing color choice

  • Batting choice

  • Deposit Payment and Cost information

A $75 down payment is required and can be made by check, money order or online through Paypal.  Use the Buy Now button below to pay your down payment or final payment with paypal.

Choosing your T-shirts - how many do you need?

Use the table below to determine how many t-shirts squares you would like in your blanket.

Both sides of a t-shirt can be used.

# of T-shirts squares
Size of Blanket
Good size throw
20 or 24
Twin size
Full size

Queen or King size bed

The squares cut from the tshirts are usually 12"  to 16" depending on the logo.

The sashing between the t-shirt square is usually 2" with a 4" border around the blanket.

Mark your t-shirts with instructions

If a t-shirt has logos on both sides let me know which side to use.  Just indicate front, back or both.

I will place your t-shirts based on color unless you indicate the order using numbers.

Ways to mark

  • pin a note on sleeve
  • masking tape on sleeve
  • use a marker directly on the sleeve (make sure the information is as far from logo as possible)

Box up your T-shirts and Ship

Send T-shirts, Order form and down payment to:

Missy Rutledge
15236 S. 31st Street
Phoenix, AZ  85048

Include a $75 down payment if paying by check.  Make checks out to Missy Rutledge.

If paying with Paypal please use the button above and indicate on order form.

You can ship via UPS, US Mail, FedEx or any other carrier you like to work with.

What happens when your T-shirts arrive

  1. When your t-shirts arrive I will send you a confirmation email from
  2. Blanket size plan is done based on t-shirt and logo size
  3. T-shirts are then cut out
  4. Sashing and borders are cut
  5. Topside of blanket is sewn together
  6. Backing and batting cut to size
  7. Everything is sewn together
  8. Blanket is hand-tied

Your T-shirt Blanket is finished

I will send a photo once your blanket is complete.  Blanket will ship upon receipt of full payment.