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Pillows made from t-shirts

Use your t-shirts to make a special pillow!  Your pillow can be just one t-shirt or use multiple t-shirt.  If you just have one special t-shirt the back of your pillow will be fleece.  Use two t-shirts and have one on each side.  When using multiple t-shirts make sure your logos are small enough. Go to the order and pricing page for an order form with more information.

Now you can use your dance costumes to make a unique blanket.  Similar to a t-shirt blanket, a dance costume blanket allows you to take your dance costumes and create a beautiful memory blanket.  Use the dance costume order form on the order page.

​​​​​Order a t-shirt "memory" blanket for that special person!  Our T-shirt blankets are individually designed and sewn.   This unique bedding can be a light weight throw, blanket or a warm comforter that preserves your t-shirt memories for a lifetime.

We can use the fronts, backs and small logos of the special t-shirts, sweatshirts and jerseys or any other item made with fabric that you've collected from sports, college, school, concerts, vacations, hobbies or whatever your interests are!!
T-shirt blankets are made from the pictures or logos cut from the t-shirts that you provide.  Each t-shirt is cut to a specific measurement based on the overall size of the logos to ensure that every t-shirt square looks great in your t-shirt blanket! Check out our order page to decide how many t-shirts you need to send.

The sashing (fabric that separates the t-shirts and is used as a border) is chosen to complement your t-shirts. You may choose the color or leave it up to us. We use high quality fabrics, usually Alova Suede. Once the t-shirts are sewn together with the sashing a border is added to finish off the front side of your t-shirt blanket.

A light weight batting is then added between your t-shirts and the backing. For a more comforter like thickness double batting can be ordered.

The front of your t-shirt blanket is then sewn to a backing made from a high quality anti-pill solid fleece in a complimentary color.

The t-shirt blanket is then hand-tied at all the corners of the t-shirts to make sure that the t-shirts, batting and backing all remain in place.

Any small holes or tears in your t-shirts will be repaired. Stains are left alone - imperfections add character and make it even more unique

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